No.20 Christian Assembly



We are equipping the young No.20 generation to develop their personal identity in Jesus Christ by increasing their relationship and fellowship with The Master, to be salt and light in the kingdom and to be able to reach out the lost one


Generation Y & YO


Youth (YO)

12-17 yrs

You are between 12-17 and you are facing the challenge of growing up? Well, we are happy to tell you that you are welcome to join the group! Knowing yourself and who you are in Christ is our main target! Living Life that God has given to us in 21st Century!   

Meeting Every Friday at 7.30pm & twice on Sunday at 11:30am

where? in The Sanctuary 

Generation Y(Gen-Y)

18-30 yrs

The Gen-Y of No2o! Perhaps you're students, new to Geneva, seeking your goal in life, job seeker, dating, young family or working progress. Gen-Y is providing tools to impact on your market place. Our focus is to build you up with a inner desire towards Jesus and his commands.

Meeting Every Friday at 7:45pm for getting deep in Christ 

where? in The Sanctuary 


Let's do more

This year we seek God's strength to do more! Pray more, serve more and learn more to be well equipped for the cause of Christ


Youth Service
(All groups)

Every last friday of the month - From 8.00pm to 9.30pm

Come join us for a time of sharing teaching, games, praise and worship followed by dinner - Growing and building ourselves in Christ our Saviour

InterJeunes GE

As part of the youth group, we also meet some others youth groups 4 times a year! More than 300 youths from Geneva gather for one name: JESUS!

During those meetings, we meet up other youths between the age of 12 and 29 and fellowship together! Get in touch for more info! 


Upcoming Events


Join our next hangout

We like to hangout on weekends. Join in for a time of fun and fellowship



Messages from youth services



Youth Bible study resources