The DNA of Romans Twelve


When you find out what you were born to do you will live like a king / queen  

How do you bless God? - When you start doing the thing you were born to do

Don't let your gift get in the wayof your service to God

Every gift has a drawback it's not a fault it's a default. Default natural ability look beyond the fault and see the gift

DNA of Romans 12 -  7 Characters needed in the church

  1. The gift to Encourage - PARA-KA-LE-O - The enabler the atmosphere changes when you show up
  2. The gift of Mercy, compassion EL-EE-OS help - Render direct assistance to people in trouble or need. - Mr fix it. 
  3. The gift of giving - META-DI-DO-MI. This person knows what resources are available and how to use it. - They know how to optimize and maximize your resources - wisdom  
  4. ‎Intelligent service - DEA-CO-NIA Takes orders and played the games according to the rules and practices consistently. Masterful execution in what he is given to do - excellence and services
  5.  ‎The visionary - PRO-IS-TE-MI to stand in front of to - the ability to uncover the latent and the hidden 
  6. Teacher - DI-DAS-KA-LON - Understands to feed the mind
  7. Proclaimer - PRO-PHE-TE-IA -  Unpacks a mystery to all with ears to hear it


Romans Chapter 9 -  Chapter 12