The Call from Darkness to Light


God has to speak to us individually
We have a choice
Before creation the eternal One had won the battle
We were designed by God to be conquerers
Before you came unto this earth God had you covered

He Had already offered Christ even before the creation of this earth
No one can ruin God's agenda
Ignorance is not an excuse - Every living soul MUST be aware of this battle (A war for your soul)

At this moment you are in the garden of Eden - You have been given the power of choice
The enemy will make you feel like you are looser - Its just a distraction to destruction
"In God's calendar there is no oops! "

Are you ready to receive the Kingdom of God


Jeremiah 1:5 - I knew you before you were born. 
Deuteronomy 13:15 - Living a life for God - Not worshipping other gods
Mathew 3 - John the Baptist "Repent for the Kingdom of God is at hand"