How to deny yourself

"Who is doing the work?"  -  You cannot improve on the Holy Spirit

Pre message notes

Who is in charge of your church ? - God or your church committee?
Power without control is a mess
It has to be the work of the Holy Spirit not you
God chooses based on our weaknesses not our strengths - Then we have to depend on himIn His Name means - You listen to God and you do as He says. - This how you do things in the name of the Lord Jesus
Have no faith in yourself - go into no situation with your own sure plan

What you do speaks more than what you say - YOUR ACTIONS - You Act to what heaven is telling you.

Notes - How to deny yourself

  1. What is the body of Christ - those connected to the head - to Jesus 
  2. If you believe that God is good then stop thinking. - Do you believe He is taking and has already taken care of your life?
  3. Forget yourself and your feelings, do not compare yourself to any one! - Leads to jealousy and envy
  4. You don't need more knowledge or ideas. You need to more thankful and faithful in what we have and be more grateful and honour God. 
  5. Satan is not going to bother with you if you don't deny yourself and your flesh - this is a danger zone 
  6. God is full of Grace and wisdom Satan is full of condemnation
  7. All glory belongs to God. If you're doing the work the God then doesn't want your glory - When God works through us the glory comes to him - God never shares His glory. 
  8. God gives you the thought - You obey God. - stay humble
  9. God gives you weaknesses so you can depend only on him 
  10. Refuse to have confidence in your own knowledge and strengths
  11. You need to be quite and listen - stop thinking and listen do the voice of God


Mathew 7:22,23Revelation 3:5, Philippians 4:8Philippians 4:4