Jesus the author and finisher


Jesus always finishes what He's started - The author and finisher of our faith

It's one thing to start project but it's also one thing to finish 

Lots of projects do not get finished because people overestimate their capacity- don't get it out of context - "you can do all things through Christ who strengthens us"  - yes but all things according to His will 

The work of Grace that has been started in you will be finished. 

Faith is a gift from God! - not because you have been in church all your life 

We are in a generation where all we can do is trust and believe in Jesus

Sometimes we take God's blessings and go out own way. Spending His blessings on ourselves - just like the prodigal son.

We cover our sins with covers that we create ourselves  And we hide  from the voice of God because He has seen our nakedness and we are ashamed.  - but that's not the solution - God knows where we are - take off that "garment!" - Do not allow shame or discouragement to create a distance between us and God - look onto Jesus - when we stop looking to Jesus we sink. 

Sometimes we like to test God  and we take decisions and we realize God is not in this decision 

If you can't run walk
If you can't walk crawl

In what ever situation you are stay faithful and look to Jesus fix your eyes on the miracle maker, Jesus  

- The price to pay is humility

It's all about the relationship with God - one thing the Devil will do is to separate us from God and keep us away from God. 


Hebrews 12:2 -  Jesus the author and finisher

John 4:34
John 17:4
John 19:30
John 3:19-21
1 Thessalonians 5:23-24

2 timothy 2:13  - Faithfulness is not what we are but who God is

Genesis 3: 7 - What happens when we disobey

Luke 14:28 - 30 - When start building a "house" - you want and have to finish it -  and we must get ready for what we are about to build