Our history 


No.20 Christian Assemble (CLS) , in Geneva, Switzerland is the first International Full Gospel Church established in Geneva. Our roots go back to October 1974.

Over the years many people have been baptised with the Holy Spirit. We have been engaged in evangelism on the streets and for decades have had a summer outreach at Geneva’s English Gardens. People from every continent and over sixty nationalities have made the Church of the Living Saviour their home during their stay in Geneva.

Former members also minister, or are married to ministers, in America, Canada, Finland, India and Sweden. It roots go back to October 1974, when Pastors Michael and Lorna first came to Geneva. Over the following eighteen months a number of people were baptised with the Holy Spirit.

As their plans were to return to evangelise the South Pacific region in a yacht purchased by them in Britain, they handed the work over to an American missionary family. Reaching Gibraltar, a revival occurred, and they remained ministering there for some time.

It then transpired that the American family was not able to stay in Switzerland. Believing it to be the direction of the Lord, Michael and Lorna returned to Geneva to continue the work. In 1979 the church was formally registered in Geneva. It has been engaged in evangelism on the streets, in the red light district, outside schools and colleges, and for decades has had a summer outreach at Geneva’s English Gardens. On Sunday evenings in summer, it hosts the concert, "All Kinds of Gospel".

It pioneered the United Nations' prayer meeting, and was instrumental in the U.N. setting aside its prayer room. It inaugurated the annual "Concert of Christmas Songs from Many Lands", which has since become a looked-forward-to institution of Christmas in Geneva. Its ethnically diverse Windsong Choir is asked to perform at outside functions.

The Church of the Living Saviour has been part of a successful petition on the issue of changing its extra-territoriality law regarding child-sex exploitation. On an ad hoc basis, it campaigns for persecuted Christians. It regularly supports orphans, children and widows and Aids projects in Africa, India, Thailand, Philippines and Burma, and has mission stations in the Philippines. Pastor Michael has also been in the forefront of campaigning to raise the awareness of the body politic on the place of the European Union in prophecy.

The Church of the Living Saviour networks with a number of well known International Ministries, from both Pentecostal/Charismatic as well as Spirit-filled denominational traditions, some of whose leaders it has been privileged to host. From former drug pushers to Ambassadors, over the years upwards of sixty nationalities have made Geneva's First International Full Gospel Church, their home, while people from all backgrounds have been converted and baptised. Currently, those attending the Church of the Living Saviour comprise people from every continent.